Legend Wind

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  • There is no danger expected because of the wind.

  • A strong wind is expected. We issue a yellow warning for forecasted wind gusts in excess of certain values. In the summerperiod these values can even be smaller when the trees are full of leaves and the impact of high windgusts can even be larger.Such strong wind with gusts have the effect that it becomes very difficult walking in the street with an opened umbrella, large branches of trees are completely moving, small trees can be blown down and minor damage can be brought to houses by e.g. displaced roof tiles and/or damage to chimneys. Be very vigilant.

  • A very strong wind is expected with still higher windgusts.These are particularly high wind speeds and gusts, especially over land. A very strong wind with gusts makes it extremely difficult to walk against the wind, trees are completely in motion, big trees can fall or large branches of trees can break and houses can be damaged. Be very careful.

  • Extremely high wind speeds with wind gusts are expected These extremely strong windspeeds and gusts occur only very rarely during a year. Extremely high wind speeds with such windgusts will cause large damage in the whole area. Look for the necessary protection for yourself and protect your belongings. Take these warnings of the meteorological institute into account.