Forecast of the UV index for Belgium

date UV-index
wednesday, 13 december 2017 0,6 (Very low)
thursday, 14 december 2017 0,5 (Very low)
friday, 15 december 2017 0,5 (Very low)

The UV Index is a number describing the effect of the intensity of the solar radiation on the unproteced skin. In the table
below you find the meaning of the UV Index

UV-Index UV-Intensity Skin burns
 < 2
very low almost not
 2 - 4
low slowly
 4 - 6
moderate easily
 6 - 8
high quickly
 8 - 10 very high very quickly

 You can see the "observed UV index of today at Uccle"  in the section on observations.

You can find more detailed information about the UV Index on