Research assistant SW10 at RMI

For the IMPCORDEX “Climate change impact on the implementation of the national plan ‘heat wave and ozone peaks’ : a feasibility study on the use of the database for climate services” project funded by belspo, the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) offer a 3 months full time position.

In order, to evaluate impacts of future climate change on human societies and their urban environment and to formulate adaptation measures, country-scale high-resolution (i.e. less than 10 km) climate projections are a prerequisite. Such simulations are now available at the RMI through the BELSPO-funded project. The relationships between ozone peaks and atmospheric conditions are strong and have been quantified since long time using statistical approaches and were used for forecasting and climate approaches. The aim here is to combine two novel approaches from literature and apply them on these high-resolution climate runs. More specifically, an approach to find the best meteorological predictors for ozone peaks was detailed in Porter et al. (2015) and will be applied on heat wave days. The best predictors will then be used to estimate climate changes using the approach of Shen et al. (2016) who estimated changes in ozone episodes based on extreme value theory using different downscaled climate models.

-Master in sciences (physics, applied sciences or other), with a good mathematical background.
-Good computer skills and interest in scientific modelling.
-Ability to work in a multi-lingual environment; good command of English.

To be eligible, the applicant must hold his/her Master degree either in French or Dutch language.

Consisting of a statement of interest accompanied by a full CV that includes detailed information on academic qualifications must be sent to no later than May 31th 2018.

Further information:
-Dr. Rafiq Hamdi (RMI) 023736745
Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut
Ringlaan 3
1180 Ukkel