About the RMI

Our strategy

The RMI provides reliable public service realised by empowered staff and based on research, innovation and continuity.


  • realisation of services supported by research and long term standardised meteorological
  • climatological and geophysical observations in favour of the safety
  • information of the population, of the socio-economical and scientific community
  • co-ordinated at a national and international level.

Public services

To provide to the users in a timely and effective manner:

  • general and specific hydro-meteorological and geophysical forecasts
  • warnings related to severe weather conditions
  • hydro-meteorological, climatological and geophysical information and expertise


The Institute offers its services in a reliable way, aiming at official accreditations, the delivered products and services satisfying the highest standards.


In the fields of hydro-meteorology, climatology and geophysics based on validated observations collected through networks. Implementation of multidisciplinary tools and methods in order to tackle problems of current concern. Training of young researchers for individual development and innovative activities.


To develop and apply new ideas, in services and research, for an excellent realisation of the Institute's mission.


The Institute is committed to monitor and archive meteorological, climatological and geophysical observations on a continuous basis in view of assessing their long term stability and predictability.


Empowerment of staff through training and individual development

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