Position at the Scientific Service: Improved deposition modelling

Improved deposition modelling based on combining state-of-the-art atmospheric dispersion simulations and numerical weather data.

Short project description

Atmospheric transport and dispersion models are necessary tools to assess the impact of radioactive gases and particulates released into the atmosphere. Such releases can occur routinely or accidently during nuclear activities. The released radioactive gases and particulates, except for noble gases, are subject to wet deposition under influence of precipitation. Wet deposition can locally result in high levels of radioactive surface contamination, and therefore an accurate modelling system is important to correctly estimate the contamination and its impact on the population. However, wet deposition and its driver, precipitation, are both difficult to model. During this PhD, several methods will be explored to understand these uncertainties and to improve deposition modelling, taking advantage of of the latest developments in numerical weather prediction modelling and radar data.

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Promoter: Piet Termonia, (Universiteit Gent (UGent)), piet.termonia@ugent.be
SCK•CEN Mentor: Johan Camps, jcamps@sckcen.be, +32 (0)14 33 27 61
KMI-IRM Mentor: Andy Delcloo, Andy.Delcloo@meteo.be, +32(0)2 373 05 96

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Deadline for applying is 27th of March 2019.