Legend Heat


There is no warning activated

Does not apply

By such temperatures, measures should be taken to protect older and weaker persons by giving them more often to drink and to not let them stand or sit in direct sunlight. Be careful.

Tcumul > = 17 degrees

Tcumul is the sum of the differences between the forecast maxima and a thershold of 25 degrees for the 5 coming days ; only the positive values are taken into account.


By such very high temperatures, certain measures can be helpful to more sensitive persons : drink regularly, wear lighter cloths, spend your day in a cooler place, regularly follow the health situation, take light food and in smaller portions, keep the doors and windows shut to kep the warmth outside. Be careful and follow the instructions of the responsible authority.

2 days with average Tmin >=20 degrees and average Tmax >= 32 degrees or 3 days with average Tmin > = 18 degrees and average Tmax > = 30 degrees, in coordination with IR-CEL

By such extremely high temperatures, certain measures must be taken : drink a lot, maintain your salt content, rest a lot, stay in a cool place, use wet cloths in case of dehydration, avoid direct sunrays.
This red warning is exclusively given in coordination with IR-CEL and the authorities, where the ozon values also play a role.

Bring yourself, others and, if possible, your personal belongings to safety and follow the instructions of the responsible authority.

3 days with average Tmin > = 20 degrees and average Tmax > = 32 degrees, in coordination with authorities.