About the RMI

To work at the RMI

The Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) is a reference in Belgium. Everyone knows the RMI for its weather forecasts but we do much more than that. The RMI is THE national center for data and knowledge on weather and climate. The RMI totally focuses on his tasks of public duty. These tasks consist of providing general weather forecasts, to broadcast warnings for dangerous weather conditions, to keep an eye on our climate, to gather, validate and archive meteorological and geophysical data, to manage the necessary infrastructure due its activities, to develop numerical models and scientific research.

The RMI runs 24 hours a day and combines infrastructure, technique, science and public duty. The products and services of the RMI follow higher quality standards.

The RMI favours skills without discrimination.

How to apply for a scientific function?

If you want to apply for a scientific job please fill in the form via the link hereunder.

How to apply for a non-scientific function?

If you want to apply for a non-scientific job, please follow the process described in the respective application pages.

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