About the RMI

Privacy policy of RMI's mobile application

1. Personal data collection

1.1 Why are we collecting your personal data ?

We colect personal data to continue enhance our services. Through some of those personal data, we learn to know more and more our customers and ensure our services match the customer's envy.

1.2 How data are collected by RMI ?

Those data are gathered by the application if the OS permission location is active.

1.3 What personal data are collected ?
We only collect them for the purpose of personalizing the application to the need of the user.

We are gathering following data:

Precise location

To allow the app to show the weather for your precise location, we gather the precise location of your device.

2. What do we use your data for?

To be able to offer you personalized content and show you precise weather location (not based on the centre of a city).

3. Are your personal data passed on to third parties?


4. How do you request access to or delete your personal data?

You may, at any time, change the location permission of the application and set the parameter "Location for this app" to "Deny". We do not store the history of your location neither on your device or on our servers.

5. Updating this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be modified in certain cases depending on the modification of our services, comments from customers or changes in the legislation on the protection of privacy.

Last update: 26 May 2021

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