About the RMI


Research is one of the core tasks of the RMI. We must step into (inter)national new ways of collaboration to at the very least maintain the actual scientific level and to enlarge the scope of possible research topics.


  • Introduction of data assimilation in the ALARO weather model, the introduction of crowd-sourced data, machine learning and big data techniques in the data processing and the development of seasonal to decadal forecasting
  • Refine the climate scenarios at a Belgian level to develop operational products within the future Cimate Center
  • Keep the leading position in the development of autonomous magnetic instruments


  • Necessary collaboration with the research world
  • Be more active in the acquisition of national and international projects

For whom?

Our scientific tools help us fulfill our public duty tasks to the population, to the authorities and to the researchers.


Fundamental research required for long-term developments is suffering from structural budget cuts and can now only be maintained at a high-level by external funding which is always limited in time.

Without continuous research, we cannot develop and improve our scientific research tools needed to fulfill our public duty tasks.

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