Meteorological and climatological expertise

This service is composed of two subservices.


This service generates expert-advices about exceptional weather conditions and climatic events. The service also develops new climate products and services.

Main activities

Monthly Average Temperature 1981-2010
  • Publication of advice for public and agricultural disaster funds
  • Publication of monthly, seasonal and yearly climatological reports
  • Development of new climate products and services
  • Update and development of the RMI climate-atlas
  • Characterizing of the climate on municipal level in the past, the present and the future


Dr. Christian Tricot (FR), Head of Scientific Subservice
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 24
E-mail: Christian.tricot[at]

Dr. Michel Journée (FR), Responsible Person for Information
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 21
E-mail: michel.journee[at]

Luc Debontridder (NL), Responsible Person for Information
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 21
E-mail: Luc.debontridder[at]

Dynamic meteorology and climatology

This service does basic research on the underlying physical processes of atmospheric dynamics in relation to weather and climate.


Dr. Stéphane Vannitsem, Head of Scientific Service
Tel : +32(0)2 373 05 52
E-mail : Stephane.Vannitsem[at]

Dr Jonathan Demaeyer, first assistant
E-mail : Jonathan.Demaeyer[at]

Francesco Ragone,first assistant
E-mail : francesco.ragone[at]

David Docquier,first assistant
E-mail : david.docquier[at]

Prof. Catherine Rouvas-Nicolis, consultante
Tel : +32(0)2 373 05 49
E-mail : cnicolis[at]

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