Teledetection from the Earth

This service is responsible for the observation system that provide real-time information on the state of the atmosphere using remote sensing techniques. The RMI has two meteorological radars, a lightning detection system and a network of webcams and snowcams.

These systems are mainly used for the observation and the short-term forecast of precipitation and thunderstorms. In addition, new techniques are investigated (crowdsourcing and citizen science) as additional data sources for meteorological information.

The main activities of this service are the purchase and management of observation systems for remote sensing, the monitoring and the continuous improvement of the quality of the data, operational services and scientific research. This research is carried out in an international setting in collaboration with universities and research centers.



Laurent Delobbe (fr): Head of Service Remote Sensing from the Earth
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 05 62
E-mail: Laurent.Delobbe[at]

Maarten Reyniers (nl): nowcasting, crowdsourcing, citizen science
Tel : 0032 (0)2/373 05 63
E-mail : Maarten.Reyniers[at]

Dieter Poelman (nl): lightning detection and thunderstorm observations
Tel :  0032 (0)2/790 39 34
E-mail: Dieter.Poelman[at]

Edouard Goudenhoofdt (fr): Precipitation obsveration, hydrological applications
Tel : 0032 (0)2/373 05 63
E-mail : Edouard.Goudenhoofdt[at]

Geert De Sadelaer (nl): Responsible for radar and lightning technique
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 05 60
E-mail: Geert.Desadelaer[at]

Kevin Knockaert (nl): Secretariat
Tel : 0032 (0)2/373 05 69
E-mail : Kevin.Knockaert[at]


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