Agenda van de seminaries

Alle voordrachten zullen plaats hebben om 14 uur in de conferentiezaal van het KMI.
Ringlaan, 3 - 1180 Brussel (Tel. : 02/373.05.08).

RADIOMAG: Four years of European Cooperation on Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment

Dr. Simo SPASSOV - RMI@Dourbes

Autonomous magnetic observatories: low power installation and real time data transfer

Ir. Stephan BRACKE & Dr. Antoine PONCELET - RMI@Dourbes

Characterisation of light-absorbing atmospheric particles in the Brussels sub-urban atmosphere

Dr. Alexander MANGOLD - RMI

VLINDER, using citizen-science to study local climate in Flanders and Brussels

Dr. Steven CALUWAERTS - UGent

ECOPROPHET Open Seminars

1. Introduction to ECOPROPHET project by Ivan Janssens (University of Antwerp) 2. Remote sensing of photosynthesis: challenges and opportunities by Youngryel Ryu (Seoul National University) 3. Measuring and understanding solar-induced fluoresce across scales by Uwe Rascher (Forschungszentrum Jülich) 4. Integrating satellite-derived LAI into the ISBA model: a sequential data assimilation approach by Jean-Christophe Calvet (Météo-France) 5. Intercomparison of satellite-derived spring phenology since the early 2000s using data from multiple sources by Qiang Liu (Peking University)

MagQuest: the RMI award-winning proposal to improve the World Magnetic Model

Ir. François HUMBLED - RMI@Dourbes

What have we learned from our atmospheric research at Princess Elisabeth station Antarctica?

Dr. Alexander MANGOLD - RMI

Deep Learning for meteorology: First results and perspectives


Spatio-temporal modelling of airborne birch pollen levels for Belgium


Meteor observations with the European ionosonde network

Dr. Tobias VERHULST - RMI@Dourbes